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Numerous back-office tasks are essential to a company’s core business process. In order to outsource them, one needs to be capable of the credence, that these tasks will be achieved not only more-efficiently or in a lower-cost, but additionally with an equal or higher level of quality than they have been performed in-house. With longstanding experience in outsourcing back-office services, excellent service quality, and an outstanding track record, Teelink LLC has the means to meet all of these expectations. As a highly flexible nearshoring company that upholds a US business mentality, operates in 15 languages. Teelink LLC takes pride in being one of the leading nearshoring BPO service providers for businesses located in Dallas. Furthermore, Teelink LLC also upholds a largely client-centered approach, which is based on the establishment of mutual trust, complete process transparency, and development of tailor-made services that best fit each of their clients’ needs and requirements. Over the past 13 years, Teelink LLC has collaborated with numerous companies and provided a wide range of back-office services, most of which are still being provided today.

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